Why do we like ducks so much…

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Why do we like ducks so much…

We have a thing for ducks, or more specifically bath ducks. You the know the ones that come in different colours, have different names and characters and so on… you may wonder why?

Our ‘corporate’ response is that collective nouns for ducks are ‘team’ and ‘raft’. So we at red e2 we are a great ‘team’ with a ‘raft’ of ideas to help our clients to deliver their business goals.

In truth, we like the idea of the individuality of all these different ducks as it reflects the distinctiveness of our approach to developing client solutions and most of all it provides an opportunity for some lighthearted fun… so within the business we have colleagues who are also Daisy, Holte, 80’s, Quick and McDuck.

We also bring into our Duck family, our clients, people who we are yet to work with and our key partners around the world. So if you think you should have your very own red e2 duck, let us know by emailing Rob (80’s Duck) Courtney at rc@rede2.com.