My Favourite Project – Virtual Concierge with Complimentary Website

Written by Clare Jackson, May 3, 2021

During the pandemic, we, red e2, needed to think differently about how to reward groups that would usually enjoy an annual overseas travel incentive.

This approach deemed extremely successful with one client who we would ordinarily work with to provide a high-end trip for winners of its highly fought for incentive. However, due to the travel restrictions we needed to be imaginative in our thinking and approach to bring their award to life in a different manner.

Virtual Concierge with complementary website.

We asked ourselves…

If we can’t travel, then how do we reward the top achievers?

The benchmark has always been an exclusive trip, how do we still make winners feel special and valued?

Our solution a Virtual Concierge, providing a bespoke, individual service from our dedicated team to each one of this Global audience.

Firstly, we created a website with important messaging and lots of exciting and vibrant imagery. From this, winners were able to access an online catalogue collection delivered in local language, but what we really wanted was to engage with the winners, taking them on a journey through a World of possibilities. We encouraged winners to speak to the team via Zoom, message online through the specially created website or email their thoughts.

Communication was key to keeping winners engaged so regular newsletters were posted with updates, winners testimonials and ideas of how they could spend their award – home improvements, car, bespoke artwork, trip of a lifetime (when available), designer jewellery, branded watches to name but a few.

The result…we assisted winners achieve their dreams by discussing their aspirations and wants and guiding them through the Virtual Concierge experience.

And our client…due to the excellent feedback…well, he may just do this all again next year.

If you’re interested in creating a concierge experience, get in touch by email at or give us a call on 01452 733 300.