It’s all about the R…

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Over the past 12 months during the COVID pandemic, all we’ve been hearing about is R.
Rules and Restrictions that tell us what we can and can’t do. The R-rate and how this is impacting daily life. And the Resilience we’ve had to have to see us through the challenges the situation has enforced upon us.
With lockdown rules being relaxed, now is the time to turn R on its head and look towards the future!
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As of the 12th April we’ve seen the hospitality sector start to re-open with the rule of 6 back in place for outdoor gatherings. Then on 17th May our roadmap to recovery kicks up another gear when we can once again start to attend some larger performances and sporting events in indoors. How exciting is that?!

At red e2 we understand that ensuring your employees and clients continue to be engaged whilst we head out of lockdown is paramount. Thinking about your future incentive plans can ensure this is realised and we have some fabulous solutions at your disposal.

So, where does R come in, we hear you ask?

Now, more than ever, it’s time to think positively and kick start quarter 2 with bang!

RECONNECT with your team through unique experiences, corporate hospitality, COVID safe in person events and outdoor activities.

RE-ENERGISE with health and wellbeing solutions that focus the mind and body.

REWARD & RECHARGE with our corporate gifting packages, vouchers and subscriptions, concierge service, luxury hampers and dine at home options.

REINFORCE your core company vision and values with virtual and hybrid events.

RECOGNISE the performance of individuals and teams with award ceremonies and conferences.

RESPONSIBILITY to demonstrate your compassion for the local community and staff with team build local community projects and improving the way people can work remotely.

Take a quick look through the red e2 Incentives, Events and Rewards collection, and contact us to start getting your favourite R number – RESULTS!

Drop us an email at and if you want to talk to us, the only R number you’ll ever need is the Red e2 telephone, 01452 733 300.

We’re ready to help you get back on track.